Supercross Fantasy

Supercross FantasyEver wished there was a supercross fantasy platform that worked pretty much the same way fantasy football leagues work? You know... a private supercross fantasy league where you could go head-to-head with your friends... see which riders they picked for the upcoming race, talk trash throughout the week, cheer when one of their riders crashes out, earn bragging rights (or free drinks or dinner) when your team dominates, that kind of thing! Well, that's exactly what we offer here at Supercross Pros. And what's more, it's absolutely free!

We offer 3 free supercross fantasy game platforms (all of which are free)...

  1. Season-long Team game
  2. Season-long "Slot the Riders" game
  3. Weekly Hybrid game

Season-Long Team Supercross Fantasy Game

Play Supercross Fantasy For FreeIn the season-long Team game, you'll have a set budget each week to select your riders for the upcoming supercross race. Depending on your league settings (as chosen by your league commissioner), your team will consist of between 3 and 7 riders. Each rider's cost will be based on several factors, including pre-season hype, last supercross season's final standings, cumulative results and standings for the current supercross season, and results from the most recent few races. Your task each week will be to use your allotted budget to put together a team that will score more points than the other players in your fantasy supercross league. He who accumulates the most points over the course of the entire supercross season will win bragging rights (along with whatever prize, if any, you and your buddies choose to put on the line).

Season-Long "Slot the Riders" Supercross Fantasy Game

Supercross Fantasy ChampionIn the season-long Slot the Riders game, we'll randomly (or not so randomly) select several riders each week that you'll need to "slot." The riders will be different from week to week. Before race day, you'll need to submit your picks for what place you predict each of the riders will finish in. Your score will be based on how far off you are on your picks. For example, if you predict that a particular rider will finish 3rd and he actually finishes 6th, you'll receive 3 "variance points" (6-3). The player with the fewest variance points is the winner that week. The person in your league with the fewest variance points at the end of the supercross season will be league champion.

Weekly "Hybrid" Supercross Fantasy Game

As you would expect, the weekly Hybrid game is basically just a "mash-up" of the team game and the "slot the riders" game... but played on a weekly basis. You'll use your allotted budget to select the riders for your team, and you'll also try to predict how a handful of riders we select will finish in the standings. Each week will be a separate, stand-alone competition, so you won't have the benefit (or curse) of previous weeks' results to lean on (or hold you back).

Create Your Own Private League Now (Even Mid-Season)!

Join A Supercross Fantasy LeagueAgain, all 3 supercross fantasy games are 100% free to play! You're welcome to play both the season-long Team game and the season-long "Slot the Racers" game. (You can even be in multiple leagues of each if you want to!) And if that's not enough supercross fantasy for you, feel free to play the weekly Hybrid games as well!

So... how do you start? It's as easy as this...

1. Create a free account,
2. Create a league (or multiple leagues), and
3. Invite your family and friends to join your league(s).