Motocross Fantasy

Motocross FantasyWe're excited to announce that we will soon be launching a set of 3 new motocross fantasy games. The fantasy game interface will be completed in time for the 2017 motocross season. (In fact, it will be ready in time for the supercross season beginning on January 7, 2017.) And the best part of all is that all 3 of our motocross fantasy games will be absolutely free to play!

Our motocross fantasy games will be completely unique, allowing you to create a private league you can play exclusively with your family and friends, going "head-to-head" against each other every week of the motocross season (just like you do in fantasy football leagues). Here's a quick overview of each of our 3 motocross fantasy games...

Game #1. Season-Long Team Game

Play Motocross Fantasy For FreeYou and each of your friends/family members in your league will choose 3-7 riders each week (depending on your league settings) to make up your team that week. But you won't just be able to pick any riders you choose. You'll be restricted by your weekly cash budget and have to decide how to allocate your limited funds to field the strongest team of riders. The cost for each motocross rider will be based on a wide variety of factors, including:

  • the rider's cumulative points for the current motocross season
  • the rider's final points and standing for the previous motocross season
  • the pre-season hype and expectations for the rider
  • the rider's points over the most recent few races

Each week, your points (as the team owner/manager) will be based on how many points each of the riders on your team score in the motocross race that weekend. The obvious goal each week is to score more points than your friends and family members in your league. The player with the most cumulative points at the end of the motocross season wins!

Game #2. Season-Long "Slot the Riders" Game

Create a Motocross Fantasy LeagueIn our one-of-a-kind Slot the Riders motocross fantasy game, you and your friends/family members will attempt to predict how several specific riders we've selected will finish in the race each weekend throughout the motocross season. We'll be changing up the riders you'll be slotting from week to week, which will keep things interesting and keep you on your toes throughout the course of the season.

Scoring is based on how accurate your predictions are. If you predict that a particular rider will finish in 7th place and he actually finishes in 3rd, you'll receive 4 "variance points" (since you were off by 4). Each week, the player with the fewest variance points wins. The player in your league with the fewest variance points at the end of the motocross season wins!

Game #3. Weekly "Hybrid" Game

You guessed it... the weekly Hybrid game is essentially a "mash-up" of the Team game and the Slot the Riders game, but it's played on a weekly basis. Each week of the motocross season will be a completely separate, stand-alone game. So even if you're already participating in a season-long league (or two or three!), you may want to start/join a weekly Hybrid league each week as well. With the weekly game, everyone gets a fresh start each week since your triumphs or defeats from previous weeks are irrelevant.

Get Ready to Play Motocross Fantasy!

As we said above, all 3 motocross fantasy games will be free to play! And anyone can start a private league to play with their family, friends and coworkers. So start talking to your buddies about playing in a motocross fantasy league together, and come back to this page soon to see if the Create a Motocross Fantasy League button is active yet.

We'll see you soon!

~ Supercross Pros Team