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Welcome to, home of the absolute best free fantasy supercross and motocross leagues on the planet! We're pleased to offer 3 different game/league types for both supercross fantasy and motocross fantasy: a season-long Team game, a season-long "Slot the Riders" game, and a weekly Hybrid mash-up game. All 3 fantasy games are 100% free to play, and you can create your own private leagues exclusively available to family and friends you choose to invite. Create a free account now to create a league and go head-to-head with your friends (a la fantasy football).

Create a Free Private League & Go Head-to-Head with Friends!

Create a Fantasy Supercross LeagueWe know there are already a handful of fantasy supercross games out there. A couple of them are "okay," but none of them offer a true fantasy platform where you can manage your own team of riders from week to week and compete head-to-head with your family and friends in your own private fantasy league. Here at, you can do exactly that!

Our main fantasy supercross platform is very similar to fantasy football leagues you've likely participated in. You can create your own private league and invite only your family and friends to participate. Each week of the supercross season, you'll go head-to-head with your buddies, making the races much more suspenseful and exciting to watch together!

Your private league can have just 3-4 players or dozens of players... or anything in between. And when you create your league, you can pick your settings to customize your league exactly the way you want it...

  • Which scoring system you want to use
  • How many riders (minimum and maximum) each team will select each week
  • How much each player's weekly budget will be
  • Whether you can carry over unused cash from week to week
  • A bunch of other cool settings

Fantasy SupercrossEach week, each of the players in your fantasy supercross league will use your allotted budget to select the riders for your team for the upcoming race. Given your budget constraints, you won't be able to just pick the top-tier riders who typically finish in the top 5. You'll need to be strategic about which riders you choose, picking at least a couple of middle-tier and/or lower-tier riders in order to field a complete team.

The cost of each rider will be dependent on several factors, including:

  • His performance in the most recent few races
  • His cumulative points and standing over the course of the season
  • His final points and standing last supercross season
  • The pre-season "hype" he received
  • Several other factors

The points your team scores each week will depend on which scoring system your league uses. If you use the Sum All Points system, each player's score will simply be the sum total of all the points the riders on his team receives in Saturday's race. So in a particular week, you might score 63 points (22 + 18 + 14 + 8 + 1). If you opt to instead use the Single Rider scoring system, the team in the league whose riders collectively score the most points in Saturday's race will receive exactly 25 points (since that team finished 1st overall). The team that scores the 2nd most points will receive exactly 22 points, the team that scores the 3rd most points will receive 20 points, and so on. With the Single Rider scoring system, you'll accumulate points as if you competed in the race as a rider yourself!

At the end of the season, the team with the most cumulative points becomes the league champion, earning "bragging rights" as well as any monetary rewards you as a group of friends decide will go to the fantasy supercross king!

2 Other Free Fantasy Games: "Slot the Riders" & "Weekly Battle"

Want to Compete
for Prizes?

If you'd like to compete for prizes, we invite you to become a Pro Member and participate in our worldwide Pro Prize Leagues. We'll be giving away all kinds of motorcycle gear to the weekly and season winners. Click here to learn more!

In addition to the season-long Team game we've just described, also offers two additional fantasy supercross games.

The first is a game we call "Slot the Riders". It's another season-long fantasy supercross game where you compete head-to-head with your family and friends in your own private league. But instead of selecting riders to be on your team, you'll try to predict how a handful of specific riders we've selected will finish in the race.

On Monday, we'll announce who the riders are for the upcoming race. You'll have until midnight on Friday to lock in your predictions. Once everyone's predictions are locked in, you'll get to see how your predictions compare to those of your friends. Then you can watch Saturday's race with your buddies to see whose predictions were the closest!

The goal of the "Slot the Racers" game is to pick up as few "variance points" as possible over the course of the supercross season. A variance point is simply the number of positions off you were on your prediction. For example, if you predicted that a particular rider would finish 3rd and he actually finishes 8th, you'll get 5 variance points (8-3). The player who finishes with the least variance points at season's end becomes league champion.

Our third and final fantasy supercross platform is a "hybrid" of the Team game and the "Slot the Riders" game. It's basically a combination - or a "mash-up" - of the other two games. But instead of it being a season-long game, each week is a completely separate, stand-alone game. That means that past victories and/or defeats won't count for or against you. Your goal will simply be to assemble the best team (and accurately slot the riders we've selected) for that particular week.

The best news is that since all of our fantasy supercross leagues are free, you don't have to choose just one! Go ahead and try them all and see which one(s) you enjoy the most! Invite your friends. Create all the fantasy supercross leagues you want. The more, the merrier!